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“the exhibition will see a new installation of sculptural works – described as 3 dimensional abstract paintings – by sarah worgan” gallery/ten, cardiff


work shown as part of current exhibition six / cwech at gallery/ten, Cardiff




“gallery/ten presents six, an exhibition celebrating the sculptural qualities of the work of 6 leading welsh ceramicists

six showcases the work of a select few of the gallery’s artists together with invited guest exhibitors – all of whom work with clay as a contemporary medium, creating artworks that have an aesthetic strength rooted in the medium’s tactility + physicality

new + recent work by gallery artist + sculptor carwyn evans RCA will be on show together with the latest allegorical work from 2010 eisteddfod gold medal winner, natalia dias. the exhibition will see a new installation of sculptural works – described as 3 dimensional abstract paintings – by sarah worgan + recent OPject forms by gallery kiosk member, jin eui kim

six welcomes the work of invited exhibitor susan phillips to the gallery. phillips won the eisteddfod gold medal in 2014 with her porcelain geometric plains constructed into architectural forms. six also includes the work of recent graduate arthur goodfellow who’s practice celebrates clay’s ability to record its manipulation by outside forces – including weight, tension + actions.”

all work will be for sale + collectorplan is available

press enquiries

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“we’ll be exhibiting Sarah Worgan’s sculptural paintings…”

This April (2015) I was happy to be invited to be part of a show ‘TO COURT,’ by MA and 4th Year students from Edinburgh College of Art.



Part of the outlining/briefing for the exhibition was:

“There are no sidelines here; this is not a court solely for the exhibition of sculpture but a meeting space for a variety of disciplines. There is no navigational A-Z, instead we hope viewers will ‘court’ each individual artwork, altering their body-language and their ways of seeing with each encounter, before the much bigger picture of the exhibition.” Phoebe Mitchell / Emma Price







(All images courtesy of Phoebe Mitchell)

Text for group presentation at European Ceramics Work Centre

This presentation took place at the European Ceramics Work Centre in December 2014 as a culmination of my residency there from Oct – Dec 2014.

 ”My ceramic work explores relationships between control and un-control, and between painting and sculpture.This residency at EKWC has enabled colourful questioning and negotiating of these ‘territories’ on a much larger scale; offering diverse perspectives, flexible borders and also integrity in structure…open for consideration.”